Dime On Fest 2016

DIME ON FEST 2016 presented the artists Charlie Winston (Uk), David Zincke (uk), Jil Is Lucky (fr), Bensé (fr),  Medi (fr), The Sons Of Guns (Fr/Uk), Mélanie June (fr), Madame Monsieur (fr), Lea Lu (ch), Andreane Le May (cn) et Anthony & Mariana (sue/ger) in a non-stop show, with all artists once again accompanied by the same backing musicians, the house band from the “Dime On” stable.

This took place in front of an audience of 1000 people.

After the tragic events in Nice of 14th July, 2016, it was decided that all profits from the show would be donated to the “Fondation de France” in aid of the victims of the attack, raising the sum of €19 000.