In 2015, Paperface released his debut album Out Of Time. It was recorded in the lighthouse that he rarely leaves, and had only a minnow of promotional help (he keeps his identity to himself and rarely appears live). Despite this, the album received rave reviews, spawned a host of new fans and found its way to the world through through the mist busting beam of radio play including, BBC6 music, where songs such as ‘Amsterdam’ and A Bigger Man were favourited by Lauren LaverneMark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie.

The first single from the forthcoming album is Idiot , a stream of consciousness that blurts out truth and nonsense like a freudian slip on Sodium Pentathol. Steeped in 60’s playfulness (with an after bite of modern intolerance), the song charts the myriad waves of emotion and instinct that make up the anarchic thoughts of anyone familiar with the nine to five. It is a musical speed bomb for the slow morning, picking up where the last album left off: lyrically deft, musically vivid and as before, recorded in glorious analogue. ‘Idiot’ will be accompanied by an animation lyric video, a follow up to the much lauded animation for ‘A Bigger Man’ that accompanied the first album (winning several awards and just recently nominated for best animated music video at the celebrated Klik Film festival in Amsterdam).