Solestones is a duo based in Nice France.

Tim and Jack have been writing songs together for two years after realizing that they shared the same love for old blues and r&b records. Tim backed his brother Medi on drums for several years where he developed his original approach and found his rich soulful voice. In the meantime Jack accompanied David Zincke on electric guitar playing authentic folk and blues. Being multi-instrumentalist he managed to bring an array of musical colors to David’s acoustic based songs.

After playing in clubs and bars all along the French Riviera, their paths naturally crossed and they started recording, gigging and touring together as side men in different projects.

The mix of culture inspired the two to get down to create their own unique contrast of sound. In Febuary 2018, they released on Dime On “Love Me For A Day”, a debut single that’s now reached 1 200 000 streams.